oper*ette for all .

Tutti d*Amore is a Berlin-based music and theatre collective which cuts stale operas and operettas loose from their reputation as anachronistic, dry art forms and infuses them with authentic, bold flavour. We are a cocktail of professional artists from a variety of fields of theatre and music who want to do more with opera than simply present it in the traditional way. We take an opera, twist it, knead it, chop it up, and serve it crisp and piquant.

Above all, tutti d*amore wants its new and improved recipe for the old genre to suit a wide range of palates - and therefore puts on its productions in unconventional, often public spaces. Furthermore, it is organised as a collective with the aim of fostering a free and democratic way of working and performing. Despite the name, we do not sell fruit-flavoured food. We make opera accessible. Theatre, for everyone, for the price of a pineapple pizza.